A little over 75 full scans of the Ivy Leaf, the 4th Division's publication in Vietnam. Special thanks to Adele Willenbecher and the 1/12th Red Warriors for sharing these scans. The 35th Infantry Regiment Association donated most of these to Texas Tech, but it was Adele who got them to release the scans to the public.

The 3rd Brigade, 25th Division, along with the 35th Infantry and her units, were switched to the 4th Division on Aug 1, 1967. Generally, stories of the 35th, 1/14th, 2/9th Artillery, 3/4th Cav, and related units begins after this date.

Year and Issue Date Headline   Year and Issue Date Headline


    1968 Continued  
Nov 4 15 Enemy Captured by 3/8th Infantry   Nov 3 Captive Escapes From NVA
Dec 2 Light Action in Adams, Revere   Nov 10 President Awards Unit Citation to Hero Panther Platoon
1967     Nov 17 Ivymen Overrun NVA Post
Jan 6 Maj. Gen. Peers Assumes Command of Division   Nov 24 MG Stone Bids Farewell to Famous Fourth
Jan 13 2nd, 3rd Brigade Forward Areas Hit by Mortar   Dec 1 MG Pepke Takes Command of 4th Division
Jan 20 Col. Adamson Assumes Command of Ivy Divisions 2nd Brigade   Dec 8 Ivymen Celebrate 51st Anniversary
Feb 24 1/12 Sergeant Displays "Fantastic Leadership"   Dec 22 Christmas Spirited Citizens Send Deluge of Packages
Mar 3 Multi-Division Force Attacks VC Stronghold in Zone   Dec 29 Col. Duquemin Takes Reins of Ivy Highlander Brigade
Mar 10 Platoon from 1st Brigade Attacked by Enemy Force   1969  
Mar 17 Ivy Units Hit by Heavy Enemy Mortar Attacks   Jan 5 Engineers Repel Straw Man Trap
Mar 24 3rd Brigade Kills 696 in Four Hours   Jan 12 NVA Die in VC Valley
Mar 31 Free World Forces Kill Record Number of Enemy in Seven Days   Feb 16 Red Warriors Give NVA Base Camp Housewarming
Apr 7 1st Brigade Ends Operation Adams   Mar 2 CHU PA Mountain Seized
Apr 14 1st, 2nd Brigades Engaged in Operation Francis Marion   Mar 9 Enemy Dead on Chu Pa Rises to 103
Apr 21 3rd Brigade, ARVN Rangers Continue Junction City   Mar 23 Tank Crews Stop Enemy
Apr 28 Captain Receives Ivy Division's First Distinguished Service Cross   Mar 30 Dragons Smash NVA on Hill 947
May 5 2/8th Troops Kill 119 NVA   Apr 6 Hospital Uncovered by Famous Fourth
May 26 Ivymen, Enemy Battalions Clash in Pleiku Province   Apr 13 Division's Medics Give Prompt Help
Jun 2 4th Division Honors its Fallen Comrades   Apr 27 33 NVA Killed as 1st Brigade Sweeps
Jun 25 First Sergeant of Ivy Troops Returns Home   May 4 Cacti Blue Awarded Unit Citation Honors
Jul 2 People of Cincinnati Adopt Ivy Division   May 11 Ruthless Riders Smash Infiltrators
Jul 16 Platoon Leader Receives DSC   May 18 VIP Successful in Anh Khe Area
Jul 30 Increased Tempo in Francis Marion   May 25 Dragoons Stand Fast as 52 Sappers Die
Aug 13 4th, 25th Divisions Switch Brigades   Jun 1 Oasis Defenders Kill 45 NVA
Aug 20 Col. Jackson Leaves "Fighting First" for Chief of Staff Post   Jun 15 Bison Power Blasts Reds
Sep 3 Wounded 'Redleg' Fights Like a Skilled Infantryman   Jun 22 Red Warriors Rout Enemy Unit
Sep 10 2nd Sqdn, 1st Cav Joins Division   Jun 29 Red Warriors Assault Hill, Kill 88
Oct 15 Lost 2nd Bde SGM Returns to Rescuers with Gifts of Thanks      
Dec 10 1917 - 50th Anniversary Edition - 1967   Jul 20 Enemy Roadways Found, Destroyed
Dec 17 3d Bde Finds 102 NVA After Heavy Gunship Spray      
1968     Aug 10 Theater Dedication Lauds Soldiers Bravery
Jan 7 Regulars Snarl Supply Line Used By NVA Near Border      
Jan 28 Scorched Panorama Tells of Grim Fight on Dak To Hillside   Sep 21 Sergeant's Cool Clobbers Enemy
Feb 4 Tanks Battle Enemy Along Highway 14   Oct 5 4th Division Soldiers Assault. Kill 25 NVA
Mar 3 N. Vietnamese Lose 45 Soldiers in Ridgeline Fight   1970  
Mar 10 Two Division MPs Make Daring Escape from Foe   Mar 29 Enemy Cell Broken Up
Aug 11 5,000 Cooks and Clerks Make Highlands Sweep   Apr 26 3rd Brigade Goes Home
Sep 8 Ivymen Fight Back Coordinated Attacks   May 3 Enari Tuned Over to ARVN Reg.
Sep 15 Ivymen Kill More Than 500 Enemy      
Sep 22 Ivy Units Down 100      
Sep 29 Ivy Units and Gunships Battle Enemy-Size Battalion      
Oct 6 The Cavalry Rescues Battling RF Force      
Oct 13 Panther's Carson Scouts Know the Enemy Ways      
Oct 20 3rd Brigade LRPs Out-Smart Enemy      
Oct 27 Dak Lung PF Unit Beats Back 60 VC