Welcome to "A Walk With the 35th", the most comprehensive collection of historical materials of the 35th Infantry Regiment, US Army, available today. For over twenty years I've been researching and gathering information from all eras of the 35th's distinguished service. I hope you enjoy the website as much as I've enjoyed searching out our history.

Jim Anderson - Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry 1967-68

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Lineage and Honors

  Medal of Honor

Distinguished Service Cross

Vietnam  1965 - 1970: Hundreds upon hundreds of pages of Operational Reports, After Action Reports, Personal Accounts, News articles, Photographs, Maps and more covering the 1st Battalion (Cacti Green) and 2d Battalion (Cacti Blue), 35th Infantry Regiment on the field of battle in Vietnam.  The two Battalions fought the NVA and Viet Cong in the hills along the Cambodian Border, on the coastal plains of Quang Ngai Province, in the hills west of Hoi An, back again to the Cambodian border area and into the hills of Central Vietnam.

"A Walk With the 35th - Vietnam 1966" is an E-Book by Sgt Jim Anderson. The book is a chronicle of the operations and battles of the 35th Infantry Regiment from her deployment to Vietnam through Operation Paul Revere IV. Included are enhanced battle maps, area maps with LZ locations, the official and anecdotal accounts of the major battles and much more. Currently, I am working on 1967. Another very busy year.
The Battles

In Depth Accounts of the Major Battles of the 35th Infantry Regiment in Vietnam


Full Size Map Scans, LZ and FSB Locations and KIA Locations

Operation Reports and After Action Reports

Battalion Reports-3d Brigade Reports-4th Division Reports

Photo Sets

The Photographic Record from Those Who Were There

Official Army News

Full Scans - Over 75 issues of Ivy Leaf - Battalion News Stories - and More

Daily Staff Journals

Minute by Minute logs of the Daily Activities of the Battalions.

Expansion Soon to Include All Periods of War

  Commemorative Books and Source Materials

The Written Accounts and Photographic History of Those Who Served

Printable Unit Awards

Printable Commemorative Unit Awards for Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan Service.

Formation of the 35th - WWII - Korea - War onTerror

1916-1941 Beginnings at Douglas, AZ to Assignment to the 25th Infantry Division, Hawaii


WWII   1941-1950

From the Attack on Pearl Harbor through the Pacific Campaigns to the Occupation of Japan


Korean War

War on Terror

Iraq - Afghanistan